1. Some characters I designed for a pitch to Cartoon Network. Ended up not getting the job but had a lot of fun working on it

  2. Some sketches I did leading up to our latest ident. https://vimeo.com/105027987

  4. I did an illustration for a Shots Magazine profile of Electric Theatre Collective, the company that represents The Line. 

  10. Together with The Line, Iria Lopez, Carlos De Faria, and James Hatley I had the enviable opportunity of providing animation for my all time faves Shynola, on this commercial for Beats Vision, made at Electric Theatre Collective.

    We animated digitally and then scratched and painted the final pieces on acetate. It was one of the funnest jobs I have ever done.


  11. I’ve been doing a podcast with my friend and Line cohort, Tim McCourt. Here’s the first episode. We plan doing about 15, and we aim to release them weekly over the coming weeks.

    In the first episode we talk to Ed Barrett and Tom Judd of Animade.

    Subscribe to us on iTunes if you like.

  12. My Showreel